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August 8, 2012
Donít fear the small mortgage lender


July 18, 2012
Good for homeowners Ė and the economy


June 29, 2012
Best Rate Listing

PRIME : 3.00%


June 21, 2012
Canada to tighten mortgage rules: source


June 19, 2012
Best Rate Listing

PRIME : 3.00%


May 24, 2012
Best Rate Listing

PRIME : 3.00%


May 2, 2012
Best Rate Listing

PRIME : 3.00%


April 12, 2012
Best Rate Listing

PRIME : 3.00%


April 4, 2012
Best Rate Listing

Prime: 3.00%
Variable Rates (starting from): Prime Rate = 2.85%


Jun 21, 2011
Canadian Mortgage Rate Forecast


Jun 9, 2011
Top 8 House-Hunting Mistakes
Buying a home is a very emotional process, but if you allow those emotions to get the best of you, you may fall prey to a number of common home buyer mistakes.


Jun 1, 2011
Bank of Canada Leaves Key Rate Unchanged
As was widely predicted, the Bank of Canada left its key lending rate unchanged at 1.00% for the sixth consecutive meeting.


May 9, 2011
Strategy: Inflating Your Mortgage Payments
Justin Rosello, AMP
A meager 1 in 4 borrowers made extra principal payments on their mortgage last year; whatever the case, there are easy ways to make extra payments and erase your mortgage many years quicker.


Mar 27, 2011
Roseman: How to reduce the pain when you break a mortgage
Ellen Roseman
Fred sold his house in April 2010, but heís still fighting with his mortgage lender about the cost of getting out early.


Mar 16, 2011
Selling a house? Beware the costs
Sonali Verma Globe and Mail Blog
If you're thinking of selling your house to make a little money before rising interest rates squeeze the real estate market, there's good news and bad news.


Mar 1, 2011
BOC Takes Another Pass on Rate Hike
Despite a surge in 4th quarter economic activity, the Bank of Canada has held its key lending rate at 1.00% for the fourth consecutive meeting.


Feb 23, 2011
Getting the Best Mortgage Rate
Whatís the trick to a better mortgage rate?


Feb 15, 2011
Most Banks Move To 30-year Conventional Amortizations
BMO, Laurentian Bank, Scotiabank and TD have all confirmed that, effective March 18, they will restrict both high- and low-ratio mortgages to 30-year maximum amortizations (even though the governmentís new rules only require that high-ratio amortizations


Feb 10, 2011
Housing market will be stable next two years: RBC
by Steve Ladurantaye


Jan 24, 2011
You can buy a house with no money down
If you have a good job and want to buy a first home, but donít have a down payment, can it be done?


Jan 19, 2011
5 Secrets of Successful Savers
They are all strategies that anyone can begin implementing today


Jan 18, 2011
What's affecting your credit score?
I still have an Eatonís department store credit card even though there is no where to shop with it.


Jan 17, 2011
* Highlights: Maximum Amortization 30 years, Refinance Maximums 85% LTV, No More government backed CMHC/Genworth Lines of Credit - ONLY Conventional Home Equity Lines of Credits will continue to be available.
The federal Conservative government is expected on Monday to introduce new rules aimed at toughening up mortgage lending in an effort to curb further growth in record household debt levels.


Jan 10, 2011
January 2011 Stats


Dec 29, 2010
Canadian home prices drop again
Canadian housing prices dropped in October for the second straight month, but experts say it’s not the start of a precipitous decline like the plunges seen in the United States.


Dec 3, 2010
Bank of Canada seen hiking rates in first half of 2011
The Bank of Canada is unanimously expected to keep interest rates on hold next week, but the uneven economic recovery has primary dealers and global forecasters divided on the timing of the next hike in 2011.


Nov 30, 2010
Owning a home in Canada became more affordable in recent months, according to the Royal Bank of Canada.


Nov 22, 2010
Too many clowns with no financial plan
You have to be a real clown not to have a financial plan and be saving for your retirement. Right?


Oct 26, 2010
Bank vs. budget: How much house can you afford?
We hear it all the time. The housing market is still in a slump and there are dozens of houses just a short drive from where you live that really need an owner and you may be that person.


Oct 19, 2010
Overnight rate target remains at 1 per cent
The Bank of Canada today announced that it is maintaining its target for the overnight rate at 1 per cent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 1 1/4 per cent and the deposit rate is 3/4 per cent.


May 25, 2010
Are You Ready for the HST?


Apr 22, 2010
Variable Rate Mortgages V.S. Fixed Rate Mortgages?
As fixed rates continue to rise and we anticipate an increase in Prime rates the Variable option continues to stand out as a wise money managing choice when choosing a mortgage.


Feb 16, 2010
New Mortgage Rules Announced


Jan 18, 2010
Inflation 101
By Puru Saxena


Jan 11, 2010
BoC sees no housing bubble yet
Paul Vieira, Financial Post


Dec 10, 2009
Interest rates may rise despite BoC deadline
Scotia economist warns of bond, mortgage hikes

Jonathan Chevreau, Financial Post


Oct 1, 2009
No guarantee rates will stay low, Carney warns
Paul Vieira, Financial Post


Aug 13, 2009
10 Do's and Don't's for Getting a Mortgage
Here's the good news: More people than ever can buy a home.


Jul 9, 2009
Worst may be over for the housing market
New home construction rose for a second straight month in June, in what analysts say is another sign that the worst may be over for the Canadian housing market.


Jul 7, 2009
Senate Blocks Bill To Audit The Fed As Government Prepares For Second Round Of Looting
A Senate amendment based on Congressman Ron Paulís successful House bill to audit the Federal Reserve was blocked by the Senate yesterday evening on procedural grounds, as Jim DeMint slammed the Fed for refusing to disclose where trillions in bailout fund


Apr 22, 2009
What the rate cut means for mortgages
The latest rate cut means consumers buying a house can borrow for as little as 3% interest on their loan if they are willing to buy into the Bank of Canada's statement Tuesday that it won't be changing rates until June, 2010.


Feb 13, 2009
Home-Market 'Correction Is In Full Swing': Construction, Sales, Prices Down
There are more signs Canada's housing market is facing a significant slowdown after a double-digit percentage drop in home construction starts last month and a forecast that sales and prices will slide this year.


Feb 13, 2009
Canadian Consumers and Businesses Are Going Bust At An Alarming Rate
Canadian consumers and businesses are going bust at an alarming rate as the sputtering domestic economy continues to show signs of further trouble ahead.


Feb 13, 2009
Housing Sales This Year Are Expected To Drop Back To 2000 Levels
Housing sales this year are expected to drop back to 2000 levels, according to a new report from the Canadian Real Estate Association.


Feb 10, 2009
CREA Forecasts Home Sales To Drop To 360,900
It is a sign of the times, but the few people interested in buying a home these days are refusing to do so unless they get some type of ironclad agreement that they can sell their existing home.


Nov 22, 2008
Your home: hot or not?


Nov 6, 2008
Smart Homeowners Save On Interest & Accelerate Debt Repayment
During this time of economic uncertainty, now more than ever we need to monitor our spending habits to ensure a prosperous financial future for ourselves and loved ones. Consolidating debt and managing expenses should be at the top of your list


Aug 14, 2008
Mortgage Works - Which One? Variable Rate Mortgage or Fixed Rate Mortgage?
Before we answer that question, itís important to understand the difference between a fixed rate mortgage and a variable rate mortgage...


Jul 30, 2008
Why 40-Year Mortgages Arenít 40 Years Long
Much has been written recently about extended amortization mortgage products and whether they could lead to real estate market problems like those experienced in the United States. Those concerns are misplaced, and I will tell you why.


Feb 5, 2008
Are home prices peaking?
Even banks are admitting that after a decade of unthrottled expansion, Canadaís real estate boom may finally be losing steam.


Jan 16, 2008
Signs Point To Credit Crunch Relief
A stream of subprime garbage may be pouring out of the financial sector, the stock market may be cratering and the U.S. consumer may be about to cave, but amid the gloom there is one bright spot: The credit crunch is rapidly easing.


Nov 27, 2007
Mortgage Insurance vs Mortgage Life Insurance


Oct 19, 2007
Realtors battle hike in land transfer tax
Board mounts powerful lobby against new fee, but critics say commissions are the real issue


Apr 12, 2007
Affordable Homeownership Project Officially Opens in Toronto
Canada's New Government, the Government of Ontario and The Daniels Corporation held a ceremony today...


Apr 11, 2007
Housing Starts Lower in First Quarter
The seasonally adjusted annual rate1†of housing starts was 210,900†units in March, up from 196,000†units in February...


Feb 13, 2007
Globe Says Royal A Mortgage-Insurer Hero To War Widows
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty asked banks Monday to stop denying mortgage insurance payouts to widows of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan...


Feb 12, 2007
NP/CP Say Manulife Does A War Dance With Widows
The National Post reports in its Monday edition that mortgage insurance has not come to the rescue of widows of Canadian soldiers killed...


Feb 12, 2007
NP/CP Say Manulife Does A War Dance With Widows
The National Post reports in its Monday edition that mortgage insurance has not come to the rescue of widows of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan as was expected...


Jan 13, 2007
Year Of Opportunity Awaits Homebuyers
If I had to choose one word to describe the housing market in 2007, it would be opportunity...


Jan 5, 2007
Getting Personal Canada: Easy May Not Be The Best
Picture the scene: you are a proud new home buyer about to sign mortgage documents at the bank. And the bank official asks...


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